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Qigong Info & Classes

Private class only 1 hour includes qigong instruction and a guided meditation

$75 per class.  

Classes suit beginners or any level.

Please call me to book a place or text. I need to check in with each person prior to commencement of qigong classes. 

 PH : 0403826713      Please don't press the book button





Chi or Qi  (life force energy)

Is the energy that flows through nature, all living things and the universe.

Qigong  is working with & cultivating Chi (energy) and is often described as a gentile, moving meditation. If you are wanting to learn how to look after your own energy and keep your aura or energy clear, then qigong is for you.  It includes gentle flowing movements, breath focus and mindfulness. Regular qigong practice is an opportunity to connect with your centre and helps you to find peace in slowing down. This ancient form of movement is quiet slow but very dynamic on an energetic level. It brings the balance of Yin and Yang. Qigong shares the philosophy of Chinese Medicine and helps one to connect with it's principles.  It is a wonderful way to learn about the five elements, meridians and acupressure points. 

Added benefits:

Excellent for mental health & stability, helps prevent disease and improves overall health. It brings deeper self awareness and harmony with nature and oneself. Physically Qigong helps to improve digestion, strengthens all the internal organs and bodily systems, stimulates the meridian system and clears and balances the mind.  Also the aura and energetic field is strengthened.  There are many benefits with qigong and it is also quite a beautiful experience for the inner self. 

Teacher: Kaaren Day

I began my journey for Qigong while studying Shiatsu in the early 90's along with meridian therapy, acupressure and the philosophy & foundations of Chinese Medicine, at the Australian Shiatsu College in Melbourne. 

Qigong was encouraged to learn and practice as self maintenance. I also at this time, began learning and integrating more Qigong with Master Kirsten McCulloch. I am a Certified Teacher in a combination of classical and modern qigong.


Please feel free to call and inquire.

Phone: 0403 826 713

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