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Chi or Qi  (life force energy)

Is the animated energy that flows through nature, all living things and the universe.

Qigong  is working with & cultivating Chi. Qigong is often described as a gentile, moving meditation. Low impact movements, stretching, flowing movements that include breath awareness It shares the same philosophy as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dating back 4,000 years, it is still a medicine given to patients along with herbs and acupuncture in China and more often now, in the West. Regular Qigong practice is an opportunity to connect and harness the incredible essence and power of chi (life force energy.) Breath, flowing movement and stillness, clearing stagnation in the body, organs and meridian system. With regular practice, the energetic pathways and organs have the opportunity to find balance and equanimity. This harmonious and more balanced internal state then seems to open beautifully into ones day to day life. Allowing a more relaxed state of mind and body. Qigong is a holistic system of self healing exercises, self massage, breath & meditation which helps one to reconnect with their very own energy and to heal.

Added benefits:

Excellent for mental health & stability, helps prevent disease and improves overall health. Brings deeper self awareness and harmony with nature and oneself. Physically Qigong helps to release fascia tension which is the netting of connective tissue that holds the internal organs in place.

Teacher: Kaaren

I began my journey for Qigong while studying Shiatsu in the early 90's along with meridian therapy, acupressure and the philosophy & foundations of Chinese Medicine, at the Australian Shiatsu College in Melbourne. 


Qigong was encouraged to learn and practice as self maintenance. I also at this time, began learning and integrating more Qigong with Master Kirsten McCulloch. Kirsten has has always been an inspiration to me and this year the plan is to join Kirsten for more training. I began my Teacher Training with Nicole Lee, which is ongoing to ensure all Qigong participants are looked after and under the best of care.


Please feel free to call and inquire. Phone: 0403 826 713

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