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Energetic and Emotional Balancing

Energy & Emotional Balance  is an opportunity to have your chakras, aura and being checked and balanced. I use my Intuition to help bring realignment and emotional wellbeing.  A deeply relaxing treatment with reiki healing hands, pranic/ energetic cleansing, crystals, balance essences and other tools and techniques may be included as part of your treatment. 

60 min  $135

75 min  $165

90 min  $185

 Metaphysical kinesiology  for deeper work with personal issues. 

 If you have  bigger emotional issues then a kinesiology session is likely to be more suitable to help you. If you would like to move forward and move through your blocks, and are ready to step out of your entrapments eg, grief, feeling lost, living too much in your head, would like to leave shame and fear behind, are feeling disempowered and not feeling worthy, then please don't hesitate to call and take the step forward with this session in order to Thrive and Shine.  

90 min $185


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