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Chinese Cupping

Cupping is included at your request and complimentary with your treatment. 


Chinese Cupping was developed thousands of years ago. The cups suction or vacuum, encourages blood flow, enhances circulation and helps remove excess heat and draws out toxins. It is excellent to help relieve back and neck pain, fatigue, migraines, anxiety, colds, muscle ache or fever.


Cupping will usually temporarily turn your skin blue, purple or red, especially if there has been injury or if there has been energy or chi blocks. Looking like bruises, they are not the same as a typical bruise. They are probably best described as a release of what is not needed inside the body. Cupping can prevent more serious aliments from occurring. It is not painful just a light suction sensation.


Excellent for tense and stressed people, sports people, sick people and just about anyone who would like to feel more balanced.


The pressure varies from light to more firm depending on your need.


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