Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is the often called the “Massage of the heart.”

People often say, “It felt like waves were washing over me.”

The long continuous, flowing strokes and wonderful stretches, are combined to smooth out all of your tension and give a sense of oneness. With 'Loving Hands' this massage encourages you to let go of stress on all levels and allows you to experience a sense of harmony and deep contentment.

Nurturing techniques are used to bring about physical and mental relaxation. Sublime aromatherapy oils and a warm room, lend a tropical mood to help you drift away to that special place of dreaming and rest.

Blessings and welcome to the world of Aloha!!


 What is so special about Lomi Lomi?


Lomi Lomi originated from Polynesia and the Hawaiian Masters. The practitioner is trained to connect to 

the Huna Philosophy of Love and Harmony and to enter a space of sacredness.

It is your chance to experience a sacred massage where you can let go on many subtle levels for healing.


The Benefits: A deeper connection to your very own self and bliss.

60min $100

90min $150

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