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Pregnancy Shiatsu

Due to the gentle, yet powerful effect of acupressure point work, and full body massage along the meridian channels, many women have reported an improved sense of comfort and wellbeing after a Shiatsu treatment. This style of massage is highly beneficial during pregnancy and an excellent therapy for post birth, due to its ability to encourage Chi flow and nourishment for the mother.


Shiatsu with your massage helps a variety of complaints during pregnancy
  • lower back pain,

  • leg pain,

  • constipation,

  • heartburn,

  • bloating and swelling

  • can sometimes help ease morning sickness. 


Lying comfortably, with pillows to support you, is the perfect way to be pampered with a massage for both you and your baby. 

Let go, and surrender to this beautiful massage for pregnancy. A truly divine massage with therapeutic techniques with attention to stressed areas. Bringing a sense of calm to the body, mind, and soul for you.

60min $100

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