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A relaxing and rejuvenating ancient style of massage, which addresses muscle tension, stagnation of energy (chi), nervous tension and much more.

In your treatment I will be using palming, finger pressure, kneading, acupressure and some stretching.

Traditionally performed while wearing loose and comfortable clothing.

My focus is to release tension, sometimes to sedate and to nourish your system so that you naturally settle into your own sense of balance.

Japanese Shiatsu is a therapy that originates from Japan and shares the same philosophy as Chinese Medicine. It is steeped in ancient wisdom and the massage style a practitioner uses, travels deep through the muscle layers to the Chi (life energy), where imbalances can lie and create stress and disease.

The practitioner uses their palms, fingers, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to stimulate the flow of Chi via pressure.

Shiatsu enables Chi to flow along the meridian pathways of the body and to restore balance. Stretching and the gentle rotation of the joints are techniques that are also applied to help your body access a greater range of movement. This all helps to promote circulation and flow of the lymphatic fluid around your body. Shiatsu is a wonderful technique for anyone and  as a regular treatment can enable balance, better health and equilibrium. 

60min $100

75 min $150

90 min $175

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