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Tarot & Psychic Readings online & in person

Your reading is with a seasoned Tarot Reader with over 25 years experience. Kaaren has worked mainly in Melbourne in a variety of settings, which include, boats, fairs, Spiritual & New Age shops. A  highly intuitive person and a psychic medium, Kaaren uses tarot and her psychic abilities to give an informative and clear reading. She guides and gives support to help awaken you to the magic within yourself, and to give truth and clarity to your questions.  Kaaren relates from the heart and her readings are well known to be grounding, healing and authentic. 

Tarot is a symbolic map of our consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, spiritually and practically. The cards are laid out and are like a mirror of where your life is presently and where your potential future may lie. The cards, the divine and I, help provide insight into the inner most truths of your essence and soul. A reading with me is to help you navigate and discover, the best possible outcome for you personally on your present path and journey.

Tarot Readings $160 =1 hour

Soul Shine Readings $220 = 90 min 

This wonderful tarot  includes a healing balance while you relax on the massage table. The balance is for half an hour after your 1 hour reading. It is a wonderful opportunity to clear, heal and to help your soul shine again.

Psychic Mediumship Readings : $165 = 45min. . If you have a loved one human/animal friend, who has passed over, or if you would just like to enquire with Spirit regarding you personally, then this reading is for you! 


Tarot Party Group bookings: are $45pp

Book your tarot party for any special occasion. Up to 6 people in a lovely healing space.  

Google Review

I was fortunate enough to have a tarot/psychic session with Kaaren where she connected with both her guides and my guides for intuitive guidance and healing. The session began with a beautiful meditation which created a safe and calming space, where I felt like we were transported to a place of higher love and peace. Kaaren was able to accurately tap into the truths of my soul which I know deep down in my heart but struggle to trust in my every day life. It was so healing to be seen by her for who I am at a soul level and to receive her unconditional love. her guidance reassured me that I was on the right path, as well as providing new perspectives and solutions to the questions I had unanswered that I hadn't yet considered. She had an intuitive knowing about unresolved issues from my past that are affecting me in the present and helped me to move through blockages to assist with moving forward on my path. She instilled in me a sense of confidence in my life path and the steps I am taking to create the life I want to live, and she did this with grace, compassion and a pure heart. Kaaren is a gentle soul and I feel truly blessed to have experienced the magic of a session with her. 

Izzy Sleinis - Psychologist (google review)

Now also available online

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