Tarot Readings

Your reading is with a seasoned Tarot Reader with over 25 years experience. I have worked mainly in Melbourne in a variety of settings, which include, boats, fairs, Spiritual & New Age shops. I am a highly intuitive person at often time a medium. I use tarot and and my psychic abilities to give an informative reading. Holding an enormous amount of trust in the magical enchantment of the universe, I endeavour to support and guide, to help awaken one to the magic within yourself, and to give clarity in your questions. I relate from the heart and my tarot readings are well known to be grounding, healing, clarifying and authentic. 

Tarot is a symbolic map of our consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, spiritually and practically. The cards are laid out and are like a mirror of where your life is presently and where your potential future may lie. The cards, the divine and I, help provide insight into the inner most truths of your essence and soul. A reading with me is to help you navigate and discover, the best possible outcome for you personally on your present path and journey.

Price $130 pp also group bookings and parties can be arranged. for a lower cost per person.

Now also available online